Cancellation Policy

We are focused on customer satisfaction. In case you disagree with the services, we will initiate the refund. The provided reasons must be genuine and proven after investigation. Please go through the terms and conditions.

In the case of dissatisfaction with our services, users can withdraw the projects and request a refund from us. Our cancellation and refund policy will be as follows:

Cancellation policy

please be in touch with our website through the Contact Us link.

Requests for the cancellation received after seven business days and before the end of the current tenure will be treated as cancellation of services for the next period.

Refund Policy

We will proceed with our best to facilitate suitable design concepts for our esteemed customers. We can initiate the refund whenever the client is not content with the terms and conditions.

If the payment is made by credit card or debit card, refunds will be initiated to the similar account used while initiating the payment, and in the case of payment, a refund will be disbursed to the same account.

Games Cancellation and Settlement Policy

If a Game is cancelled on our website due to any inconvenience like, technical or otherwise, a fair policy of refund will be followed.

At the time of cancellation of a Points, the balance of each player’s table is restored to the amount at the beginning of the cancelled Game with cash and refunded to each player’s account. A similar process will be applied in all Cash Games arranged from our side where cheating is found in addition to any further action that decides to take action against players engaging in such activities as per the Terms.

In the event of a Cash Tournament Game cancellation, the sum of all entry fees, less our service charge paid by players eliminated before the round when the Cash Game was cancelled, shall be equally distributed among the remaining players. In Cash Tournament Games where collusion or cheating is detected, the entry fee paid by other players is refunded to them, and the entry fee paid by players indulging in collusion or cheating is dealt with as per the Terms in addition to such further action as may be necessary in the opinion of ludo Income.

Under certain circumstances, the Company may, at its discretion, process refunds to you. These circumstances include:

Accidental Transactions - Unused Transaction Amount:

If you made an accidental deposit or a similar error, you may request a refund for the Cash Credit transaction ("Refund") within four days of initiating the transaction. The Company will review your refund request and, if it determines that the request is genuine and that you have the necessary corresponding Cash Balance in your Accounts, it will process the Refund request within ten business days. Any Refund will only be issued to the same instrument used to make the corresponding Cash Credit transaction, and no requests for an alternative Refund method will be considered under any circumstances.

Fraudulent Transactions - Unused Transaction Amount:

If a fraudulent cash credit was made without your authorization and was credited to another user's account who has not yet used the funds from that transaction, the Company will process the Refund request within 15 business days after determining that the Refund request is genuine and verifying that the other user has the necessary corresponding Cash Balance for the fraudulent transaction.

Utilized Transaction Amount:

If a fraudulent cash credit was made without your authorization and was credited to either your account or another user's account, and the funds from that transaction were used, the Company will fully cooperate with banks and other investigating authorities and provide all necessary details about the user who used the proceeds of the fraudulent transaction. The Company will not process any refunds in this scenario, and your only recourse will be with the issuer of the credit instrument.

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